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     "I have had my hair done by folks touted to be "the best" in several large cities, but they never really seemed to "get" what I wanted. My hair has to look good for my job, and Jennifer really understands this. She is always willing to work with me on appointment times, trims, or minor quick-fixes. Most of all, she is a truly nice person who won't just treat you like another head of hair! She has lots of experience and will also gently offer an opinion on the best cut and color for your face, etc. For the first time, I truly like my hair! Forget that "oh, no" feeling when you look in the mirror after a cut and color!"

reviewed by anonymous

     "I'm from Miami and have had the same person doing my hair for over 20 years. I used to fly home to have "my" guy do my hair...until I met Jenn. Jenn is a gifted colorist and is the first hair stylist that didn't want to cut off my long hair, she just wanted to style it to make it look even better. And her prices are extremely reasonable!!"

Cynthia G

     "Jennifer is an absolutely wonderful stylist. I am very picky - and opinionated about my hair. It is important to me that it look good. It also grows very fast - and I don't like to get it cut often. And on top of that, I am very lazy and not inclined to spend more than a minute or two on my hair. Jennifer is the only stylist I have ever found who can cut my hair so it looks beautiful through its many growing out stages. She listens to what you want and is able to create styles that are current and chic, while preserving your own particular flair. I would (and have) recommended many people to her. She is absolutely the best!"

Jean M

     "I recently moved to Denver from Atlanta and was nervous about finding a good stylist. I did my research and liked what I read about Jennifer so gave her a try. I am very pleased with my decision."

Cat F

     "A woman sitting at a station approaches me and says "You must be Elizabeth. I'm Jennifer." Her hair looked normal; in fact it is long and curly, just like I want mine to be someday. No spikes or bizarre colors. Conversation in the salon is about books, music, plays, politics. I wish we had taken a before and after shot because I looked fresh and bright when I left as opposed to old and grey when I came in. Jennifer listened to me and discussed her ideas and plans both for the day and the longterm."

Elizabeth L

     "Jennifer is the most knowledgeable hair stylist I've ever met. She's simply a genius with color. My mother and I finally found a great stylist in Denver and I couldn't be more relieved. She's definitely worth a visit."

reviewed by anonymous

     "I found Jennifer by chance, and love that she knows the latest trends. Jennifer takes the time to really find out what I want, and makes great suggestions too."

Allyson T

     "Jennifer is the best! She cuts, colors and styles hair for the whole family. She is always available and willing to work around our busy schedules which is great. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!"

reviewed by anonymous


     "Jenn does great hair!!! The best thing about her haircuts is that they grow out great and you don't look like you are month overdue at the salon 30 days after you've been there.

Kathy M - San Ramon, CA

     "I like to "frost" the tips of my hair and the only one that can do it right is Jennifer!"

Ryan M - Petaluma, CA